Because you were there…

Because you were there when I broke. Wikimedia Commons

Because you were there when I was broken.
Wikimedia Commons

I have this very good friend with whom I’ve experienced unconditional acceptance and love, as well as a very painful fallout. We’ve been friends now for 17 years. Throughout all those years we have managed to share our best and worst. Nothing new in tight relationships. We also share that we are both a bit broken, each in our own way. So we’ve helped each other mend those parts, or at least weathered them together.

Now she finds herself in love, and we all know what this entails: obsession, fear, attachment, pain, happiness, bliss… All those feelings that are so hard to control and often can’t find words for. My dear friend asked me recently about a time when I experienced a whirlwind much like hers, a very different script, yet still with all the emotional havoc. That time as I remember it, was one of the most painful, yet  liberating, in the sense that I did get to feel “something.” Her question was: ‘Laura, How on earth didn’t you go crazy?” And the answer came easy… “Because you were there for me,” As simple and as complicated as that.

Sharing the ups and downs in life with friends helps us to move from one hard place to another, hopefully softer and better. It will soften the blows and give you a fresh perspective.

My friends pulled me up when I was down. This is what friendship is all about, my dear friend.

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