Because I can’t help but smile…

Smile!! Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, having ten minutes to spare between classes, I ran off to get my poison, soda, to a nearby funky corner store in San Francisco. It’s one of those corner stores right in the heart of the homeless and drug dealing quarters. Few would go out of their way intently to shop there, but it’s close to where I work and have come to know most of the people who loiter, or as I, rush in and out because it is conveniently located.

I greeted the clientele as I always do, and while I waited for the clerk to ring me up, a handsome young man by the deli said, “You just lit the room with your smile, thank you for coming in! Thank you for smiling!” I was thrown off, and I have to admit, a bit thrilled by the compliment.

The smile that comes naturally to me, has often proven that everything is better with a smile. You can light someone’s dark day, your own, or even get some extra perks! As a surprising first class upgrade I received just because I smiled and made someone’s job more pleasant.

Smile! It catches people by surprise! You will be rewarded, either by making someone’s day or with a few perks here and there!

Read more at VOXXI News.Why smiling is the key to happiness and success.

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