The Stepping-stones that keep us going



As kids we move from one stage of life to another quite effortlessly. Full of enthusiasm and expectations for the next great thing to come. We watch in awe as life unfolds. Unfortunately, we gradually outgrow our innocence with every fall and loss we experience. Yet, we trudge on. Some of us are more resilient than others, dusting off  and getting on with life more easily.

As sad as the above might sound, it’s a fact. Yet, if we see life’s struggles and disappointments as lessons, our lives become more meaningful. Finding stepping-stones along the way is also key to overcoming the curb balls life throws our way, so we can move on to the next stage.

We all have to find our own stepping-stones and perhaps, we will only realize they were, when we look back. I used a relationship to keep me going for a while, after that, I took to storytelling, then drawing and now I will find another stepping-stone. There are plenty, you just have to look ahead and be open to the next one.  Your stepping-stone will show up if  you are patient enough and keep hoping, and as a child: be expectant.


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