Strength in the numbers.

Strength in the numbers by legdog

Strength in the numbers by legdog

Three years ago I was a loner, a fearful woman who wouldn’t dare expose herself to any public event without getting a migraine that the tension of meeting people provoked. Now, three years later, life has taken an amazing turn, at long last, for the better.

My friends, my family, my support group of Fabulous Bloggers and an old-time friend have held me by the hand and led me to places I would have never ventured to  on my own. I used to think change was impossible and have been proven wrong.  It is possible if you find the right people to follow and who share your same fears. It’s in the numbers that we push each other to become the best we can. We lead each other’s way, we cry, complain and vent, and we move forward together.

Hold me by the hand and I will follow and when you get lost, I will lead. That’s how we manage in life, supporting each other in this great adventure. Growing strong together.

Thank you life, thank you my friends. I’m not alone anymore.

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