We are both stuck

My niece has a beautiful Instagram feed called @alexia_is_stuck where she at 14, shares her thoughts and inspiration as an introvert. I really get her name, especially now. She is young and feels stuck. I’m 52 and feel kind of the same way. Stuck in a world where empaths and introverts suffer most.

Today, I too feel stuck. I have a lot to do but can’t get myself to move in any direction.  I feel stuck and paralyzed for fear of the news that a candle, a special candle is burning low, losing its flicker. The light that was always burning for me may go out soon and a part of me will break, abandon me and leave me stray, lost.

I wrote about the age of loss that comes as we grow older. Nothing prepares us for these losses. Laura_is_stuck too, my dear Alexia.

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