To my little ones

I have yet to tell you that I won’t be with you next year, and it’s hard to think about the right moment to break the news to you before the year is over. My heroes, my young champions, my funny guys, my morning glee, my troupers, my studious and wacky ones; you shall be missed. They say teachers touch and change lives, but so do students, and this is the case with you. You’ve touched and changed my life making it definitely better,  more meaningful, happier and more hopeful.

There are a million gestures that have made my day over the course of the year, although, the best is yet to come; seeing you thrive trying to learn, your joyful laughs, video presentations, killer test results and you thanking me at the end of every class, which has always come as a surprise. You didn’t take me for granted after all!

I will bid you farewell with a broken heart but will do so with pride because I know I’m handing over a brilliant language group that is going to rock it! My big-hearted champions!

Correction: Not so little now! That was your September-self!



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