Chilling outdoors with my sister



One of the things I most enjoy when spending time with my sister, is doing things together outdoors. For as long as I can remember we´ve both been into fitness and have shared hikes, runs and long walks on the beach together. She lives in Florida and one of our favorite things to do when I go visit is hang out at the pool, where we swim laps together. Then the neighbors, who are also fitness fanatics, come over and my sister brings out cold beers, but not just any cold beer!


Lately she´s into Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, which is made with organic grains and has a refreshing taste. It´s also free from artificial colors and flavors and has 85 calories and 2.5 carbs. This light beer is inspired by nature, and is perfect to be enjoyed in nature. Any setting is good, but picture a warm sunny day in the Gulf Coast of Florida, with this sparkling drink in your hand to cool you down.

Usually my brother in law grills hamburgers while my sister and I chat by the pool, catching up on all the good stuff that´s happened the rest of the year. You see, I live in California, so it´s not often that we get to chill together. The neighbors sometimes bring a dessert or fruit, since we´re all pretty health conscious. But we all believe in leading a healthy and yet full life, enjoying the little things as much as we can.
 Have you tried the new Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold? When and how would you have it?


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