Quantum moments; Peaceful change

According to the late Wayne Dyer “quantum moments are surprising—unexpected, uninvited, and unforeseen. Quantum moments are benevolent, in other words, they come with feelings of peace, serenity, and bliss. The fourth quality of a quantum moment is that it never goes away. That moment is burned into our consciousness in a vivid picture that won’t be forgotten.” It’s like an awakening, a realization that although it might have been clear to others, it may have been lost to us. This must have been what I’ve experienced often when I was ready to break a habit, an addiction or any other life-changing decision I’ve made with little effort on my part.

The quantum moment is so clear, that you can simply let go of whatever you are fighting and move on. For me, quitting drinking was a miracle of sorts. I had tried so often to stop but couldn’t. Then one day it came to me very clearly that I no longer wanted to drink. That was it. It was easy at that time because the decision made me feel peaceful and I experienced such bliss that after 23 years I haven’t craved a drink.

It was a moment of such clarity. This has happened many times. As when I left a job. It was clear to me that this was exactly what I had to do to be happy. I was right. I was set free.

You can have these quantum moments as soon as you become more open-minded and see that there is a world of possibility outside your restrictive thinking. It’s possible to enjoy life, give up harmful habits and relationships if you wait and see how your behavior is out of sync with what is really good for you and others around you.

Hope you can experience your quantum moments too!



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