Stages of life: well-done, medium, and rare

Well-done, medium, and rare are what I call the stages of life but in reverse, and we all have to go through them. True, that some of us get stuck on one and never move on, but hopefully life beats us up enough to move us along so we make it to the “well-done” phase.

Rare phase

These are the childhood and teenage years. We have no clue where we are going, make the mistakes we have to make and learn a bit from them. They prep us for disillusionment, and heartbreak, yet, it is at this stage that we start to build a stronger backbone. We still thrive on enthusiasm, have hopes and dreams to help us to make it to the next stage.

Medium phase

20’s – 30’s. This age span is a bit tricky. It takes many falls, and we are still somewhat lost. Yet, there is still refreshing newness. Hopefully, we haven’t experienced too many losses, but have come to know ourselves better and learned that life is not fair. We still have the energy to fall, get up and move on because we still believe we have time to spare.

Well-done phase

40’s and on. If we are lucky enough to reach this stage, we have overcome and learned a lot along the way. Losses and life challenges have started to chip at us, and have made us more realistic, and hopefully, at this time we make more sound decisions to live more at peace. At this stage, we take life more, and at the same time, less seriously, depending on what we are handling. Appreciation of people and what really matters take centerfold. It’s a time of reflection, a time to look back and maybe change gears; slowdown, or speed up, because, by this time, we realize that we may have more yesterdays than tomorrows. We also become more grateful, take less for granted, and maybe it is now that we can reap what we sowed. Our backbones are stronger, yet,  are much more in touch with our feelings and know when to let go and when to hold on.

Whatever stage you find yourself in, enjoy each one of them because it’s your story, a unique one!




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