Good riddance 2017!

2017 has been a wild ride as the last two have, but this one takes the cake! I’m grateful though for every chance, opportunity, and lesson. I did accomplish everything I hoped for, however hard it was because as we know nothing good comes easy. But, I’m ready for 2018!

Every New Year’s Eve, I used to write long lists of about 20 things I wanted to accomplish or change about myself. Slowly through the years, I’ve been able to cross most off the list either because I accomplished the goals, or because I decided I simply couldn’t change some and accepted them as part of who I am. Most of them being character traits.

This year I have another list, a completely new one, carrying nothing over from former ones. I hope I can look back and say; I did it! Most will be easy to accomplish because of their positive nature. Here they go:

  • I’ll spend less time on social media and more real-time with friends and family.
  • I won’t be a slave to my phone.
  • I’ll ruminate less and go back to my former active self.
  • I’ll read as much as I used to, which was a lot.
  • I’ll walk part of El Camino de Santiago with friends and revisit Paris. Hopefully Rome too, and the usual suspects: Spain and Nicaragua.
  • I’ll learn to stay and not run.
  • I’ll drive further and longer.
  • I’ll be more mindful of my limited time and I’ll take advantage of it by saying yes to life more often than not.

So, goodbye 2017! Good riddance, I’m ready for 2018!

What’s your list?


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