Melancholy is healing

All my life I’ve been naturally driven to melancholy. There is a certain beauty to it.Unlike sadness, it’s not painful and it has helped me countless times to recover emotionally from small unforeseen losses, which we all experience as we live and move on. Melancholy may sit in the past, in the present, and in the “what could have been’s.”

Melancholy hits me mostly in the evening, at the day’s end which is when we tend to reevaluate our lives, much like Sundays. Now, I sit with it and I find that melancholy allows me to see things in perspective and revisit the moments I truly enjoyed.

Music helps me sail with these memories and I’m soothed by them. If you have a chance to feel melancholy, don’t try to brush it away, it helps you to become grateful for what you once had. It’s healing in that way.

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