My letter to my teen

My dearest niece, and god-daughter,
Welcome to growing pains!
My dad once told me at your age that family and friends would always be with us…. That he would always be there for me no matter what. I was sixteen at the time, angry, afraid and wanted out. But probably mostly, out of my skin.
At 16 you are partially an adult and still a kid. You don’t know yet that life unfolds and that it’s not always fair when we want it to be.
I have learned a lot since then, but it had to be first hand and little did advice from others help. We are unique and have to experience life on our own terms.
We have to discover that life, as I said before is not fair, that parents, are not perfect and they are not to blame. They also had their own parents and went through mostly the same feelings.
I know you feel stuck, stressed and a whole lot of other things… but remember that parents are our allies, not our enemies as you may think.
The circle of life….
I love you, you are strong-willed and no, the world is not against you… My advice to you if it matters is to sit, think and look at all you have. Make the best of every situation… every stage… You blink and you are fifty…
I love you to pieces….

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