My home, my sanctuary, my safe place

After two years I have found my very own happy place, my home, my sanctuary, my escape from the world and safe place. While I have few pieces of furniture, as I walk in, my heart is filled with joy. My home is simple but bright and that’s all I could ever ask for. I’m alone but not lonely and this is very important to me when before the thought of living alone scared me.

In these few weeks of living by myself, I’ve learnt the many pleasures of not sharing:

  • I can wake up at 4 am and not bother anyone.
  • I can choose my furniture and organize my space as I please.
  • I can walk around in my give-up clothes because nobody is watching.
  • I can stay late and watch movies in bed and nobody will be annoyed.
  • I can take up all the space in the bed.
  • I can cry my eyes out and I don’t need to explain why.
  • I can have anyone I please over with no regard to another.
  •  I’ll probably entertain again since I finally have a gas stove!
  • I can choose my sheets and towels.
  • I can stay at home all day reading and nobody will ask whether I’m a shut-in.
  • I can hide from the world and not talk for hours.
  • I can hang all those pictures I love.
  • I can be happy by myself, and that is probably the most important.

The joys of living alone are amazing. I know it may get old in time, but for now, I’ll enjoy it!

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