Let’s make new memories!

It’s time, she whispered. I agreed. It was time to get up and move on. Living out of a suitcase is more than fine, what’s not is staying still in time, waiting for a future that may never come.

So, I packed up my mental bags and rethought my plans and situation, and decided to be happy, leave some things behind and go into the world to make new memories. If not better, different ones.

I shall move ahead and when it’s time, again, I’ll look back only to say “That was a wild ride!” Smile and move on.

See… Guilt and fear can end up managing our lives. Change is good and owning that makes us free to enjoy what’s ahead without letting fear get in your way. Things will happen no matter how afraid we are of the unknown, so why not embrace it?

Let’s make new memories!



One thought on “Let’s make new memories!

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