Spring, renewal, and hope for the dammed

I have quite a few springs behind me, yet come the season it never ceases to surprise me and fill my heart and soul with hope and enthusiasm. No matter how sad, dammed and depressed I’ve been, these longer days with the scent of flowers and sight of green have always brought my soul some respite.

Spring is like the renewal of vows, although I cannot speak for myself on that, from what I’ve heard, it sets the stage for better days to come and newness to the old promises. Spring is inspiring because of all seasons, it’s a sensory experience. There is a certain newness and renewal it brings that counterbalances those days where you feel damned.

I always long for Spring, long hikes in nature and the peace it brings. Walks are no longer a chore as they are in winter. Days are longer, and sunlight,  as it’s been proven, lifts the spirit.

So, welcome spring! I renew my vows with you. My damned soul can now rest, put itself to sleep and be inspired to live more hopeful and renewed.

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