I’ll love you no matter what

I have 5 children. They are not really mine, I’m just their aunt, but they feel like my own children ever since they were born. I’ve already suffered their growing pains since they were little and now that they are in their teens I feel a sort of loss, every real parent must feel. But no matter what I’ll always love them. As children grow up and move away emotionally and physically, which is normal and healthy, and start to lead their own lives, I’m left a bit on the sidelines, but it’s important they know I will always be there for them.

I’ve never had children, I thought back then it was by choice, but chance had it that in later years I found out that I couldn’t anyway, and that, was in a way a blessing. My choices of partners and lifestyle had no space for them. A blessing, because I have spent my life since they were born very committed to my nieces and nephews. Giving them all I could, besides love.

‘Aunthood,’ if you take it seriously, can really feel like motherhood. I’ve worried about them plenty and still do. I want them to be carefree, happy and most of all I want them to love themselves more than I ever loved myself. Because loving yourself at an early age can mark your future and set the footprint for a happier life and healthy relationships.

It’s their time, they are teens and I will love them no matter what. As an aunt-mother, I’m learning how hard letting them go is, but it’s life.

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