Where is my Valentine?


I always disliked Valentine’s Day because it made me think about my relationship and the long lost love. Have you been in a relationship and felt unloved? I have, and it sucks.

Valentine’s Day is commercial all right, but for those who have no one or are in a relationship that doesn’t quite fit the bill, it’s awkward and a reminder that you are your own better half. And that’s OK. But this Valentine’s Day, like last, I will give myself a gift, because I finally love myself enough to not need someone else to validate me, to tell me that I’m important, that I am loved. Friends and family love me and that’s enough for me.

I will also celebrate by letting go of those who do not add to my wellbeing. Just like new year’s, time to clean up.

If you too wonder where your Valentine is, stop and cherish yourself. You may be the one!



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