Disappointment, lethargy, and Trump

Never has this been so dangerous, when lethargy follows disappointment. In a world where a Trump rules, we cannot let lethargy or depression take over. We cannot allow the world to go backward and be stripped of the advance and progress of equality and freedom. We cannot allow it!

Now is not the time to be selfish and live in our own little bubbles. The threat is real. I for one will be denied any health coverage, as will half the population in the US. Because sooner or later we all get sick. I look around and my friends and loved ones are also in the same boat. This is not the only fear, there is a more dangerous threat; our human liberties and equality for all will be replaced by hate, inequality, and loss of respect and human kindness.

Hope is great, but without action it means nothing. We cannot hope things away. Let’s move forward and speak up, act and defend ourselves from Trump.

The key word is compassion, and Trump has none.

Thank you, to all those who marched in the women’s rally around the globe!

3 thoughts on “Disappointment, lethargy, and Trump

  1. swtspontaneous

    What a great turn out. I am not sure that Trump or any leaders really cared about the march though… Maybe I am pessimistic? I have been looking into how to get people to care about each other a lot because it does worry me…. We are so short-sighted. Trump is all about short term monetary gain for America. He doesn’t care about people nor people’s rights nor our earth. The only one he speaks highly of is for Putin. What has our world come to?! It was great to see such unity with the protestors and marchers though… It made me feel less alone in my concerns even though I was the only one at the dinner party I attended last night who did not attend the march in Downtown Los Angeles.

      1. swtspontaneous

        I am not sure how effective the marches are… There are quite a few more planned. I wish I knew how to influence people. The news these days makes me feel powerless.

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