Three friends, three divorces

Was it chance? Was it catching? I don’t know but two friends and I got divorced the same year! There is a good thing about it; that we were able to help each other along as we each experienced and made our way out of the mess it entailed.

The particulars of each don’t really matter, what matters is the sisterhood, the friendship and stronger ties that were built as we went through our own process. We were all able to share our stories and give each other strength and tips on how we managed our unique experiences.

None of us can survive alone on our own desert island, together, as Obama said: We can! And the same goes for every difficult life experience. It is in sharing that we heal faster and if we can put into it some humor, we can lighten the load and move on.

Three friends, three divorces and like musketeers, we charge ahead!

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