Reading to escape reality

Reading is the closest you get to time travel. You can escape your life and gain new perspectives by walking in different characters’ shoes, often learning from stories from second-hand experience, no matter whether it’s a biography or a novel. All reading is food for thought.

For those who like me who don’t enjoy watching TV, immersing myself in books is the closest to time travel. I forget where I am, and enjoy some downtime from the daily routine or struggle.

People seem to be reading fewer books and shorter articles, especially on the internet where if an article is longer than 500 words, forget it! Too long! So, imagine reading books! There are still libraries around, but few people are reading or checking books out. Most people use libraries to study or work. People seek quiet places and libraries are the best places to hide from all the noise.

I still love going into the few bookstores left around. They feel like temples, quiet and intimate. Luckily in the US, we can still find stools in the aisles of bookstores to read books and maybe decide to make a purchase. I always do. For me, a book is always a good investment because I can always either give it away once I’m done or keep it to reread later on.

I’ve had to give up many books but kept the essential ones I simply can’t let go of. I reread them once in a while and again, travel with them from a cozy sofa, away to where the words take me.


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