When you lack a sense of belonging

I’ve become somewhat of a nomad, a modern day nomad and a grateful one at that, for all those who have allowed me to camp out at their homes for a while. It’s as much a blessing as a curse. Now, more than ever, my sense of belonging is shattered. Finding a place to settle down will be a grown up decision and I’m eager to finally not have to impose myself on my charitable friends and family.

When you lack a sense of belonging it’s as if you’d lost your north, your sense of security, your security blankie. You feel off-kilter and a bit lost in the maze of life. When you feel you belong, your anxiety is lessened, you have a place to hide out and you can focus on making life happen.

Not that I ever felt I belonged 100%. That’s been an issue all my life, especially in relationships, but now, at my age, I need a safe place and probably by now I’ll be able to feel part of a life I will create for myself, hopefully, surrounded by loved ones.

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