When good people happen to us

I’d like to say that my life started to crumble a year and a half ago, but although it might seem that way, it was crumbling way before that. I was already crumbling inside, the outside had then to crumble for me to rebuild. And while all the chaos and destruction was happening, good people happened to me who have helped me to this day, and I will forever be grateful to. People who’ve nursed me through the worst of times, and have shown me that giving up was not an option.

My “shrink,” is one of them too. An amazing woman who held my hand 5 years ago and helped me not fall off the edge, and who recently offered to see me pro bono, to hold my hand again and help me rebuild, or simply build on the new ground. She is a person with a heart, whom with that simple gesture has made me believe good people can still happen to us.

And just as good people happen to me, I want to be able to happen to others too. I’m indebted to many and will always be true to them.

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