Voting against yourself

I’m in shock, as many are with the “Trump disease.” How can this person have happened? How have people who believe in democracy, gone and voted for such an undemocratic figure which represents the ugly face of any dictatorship and tyranny?

Our country is mourning. San Francisco is mourning and trying to wake up from this awful nightmare which doesn’t foresee a happy future with this individual on the helm. Especially, this city which is home to diversity, inclusion, acceptance, equal rights for all and love, lots of love and care for the place we call home away from home.

San Francisco will stand tall and fight, because this is what it has always done. It has led the way to a more open society where you can be whoever you want to be and it’s OK.

Yes we can! He can try to break us, but he won’t… We can weather 4 years, if he even gets to finish his term.

May this be a lesson to all who voted against themselves.

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