Regrouping to regain sanity

Taking the time to regroup is vital, especially when life pulls you down on your knees and the tide is so high you have trouble keeping your head above water. The only way I’ve been able to cope with all the storms coming at me and keep it together the last few months has been by interacting as little as possible with the “outside” world. I’ve had little space in my brain for little else but “me.”

As much as I know how important it is to reach out in troubled times, sometimes, the only way out has been to look within and concentrate on simply making it through another day of uncertainty on my own. Too many people, too many voices distract me and in fragile times like these, decisions have to be made with a clear and sound mind.

Juggling the past, the present, and the future at the same time is chaos and creates too much mental clutter, which takes away our ability to focus on the essential. In my case, the ghosts of the past that brought me to a present that sucks and regrouping to manage the future without losing my mind has been tricky and a priority.

I’m still not on safe land, but slowly, as I regroup and try to pull my life together, I know I will reach a shore where I will be able to rest up on and find my way back into the world of the living.

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