Those scary places.

Once in a while when your safety blanket of comfort has been taken away, and everything is new, you have to reinvent your life and make it fit again, but it’s a scary place to be at. Change is scary because of its newness and unpredictability and you find yourself holding your breath hoping it will all be alright and you will accommodate to your new life. 

This scary place is a chance to grow, move away from your comfort zone and blindly go ahead and do your best. At this time, you can bolt and run or stay the course, which is actually easy to do in the sense that, few of us want to cowardly throw in the towel.

If you find yourself in this scary new place, clench your teeth and get on with it because sooner or later you will reach that point where you are back in another comfort zone you created by staying and fighting to make it work.

Most things we fear never materialize, and when starting something new, most fears are just there to pump adrenaline into your life and allow you to outdo yourself. Maybe you will spend some sleepless nights, but in the end, you will leave the scary place and replace it with a new “comfortable zone,” and celebrate that you actually made it through!

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