Rebooting and downloading a new life

For the first time in my life, I’m not in a relationship and I’m ecstatic. I am finally giving myself the time to figure out who I am alone, what I really like and need in order to be content and happy. I’m also realizing that I can make it on my own which is a self-esteem booster. There are much more positive things I’m getting out of this experience although according to society I should be sad and in active search of my other “half,” which actually means that I’m not whole unless I’m in a relationship. Not! I’m more “whole” now than ever before.

It was time to take a breather. When we are in a relationship for a long time we may become part of the other person’s identity too. The way we talk, the choices we make, the way we schedule our time is affected. Once alone, one starts to reboot and find out once more who we are without the other.

I’m rebooting and figuring out every day what is my road. What’s next, according to me. It’s an adventure with its highs and lows. Sometimes it’s scary, but others it’s so uplifting.

You too can reboot and download a new life!

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