When thoughts are toxic

It may not happen often, but when you allow your mind to wander into dark places, thoughts can become toxic. The longer you stay there, the more prone you are to focus on them and allow them to rule your days.

Toxic thoughts are those that cloud your mind with fear. Everything may be OK, your life planned out and all looking up, yet you decide to visit the place where all your insecurities rest and start doubting yourself and your good fortune. The “What ifs…” arise and your mind is bogged down with all that could go wrong. While this is good in a way, to make sure you are checking all possible outcomes to make the best decisions, other times this may simply stop you from marching on.

I am troubled by these toxic thoughts at times, but I have become more aware of their occurrence and while I’ll stay there for a while, I soon realize that I must change the direction of my thoughts before they become so toxic that come to believe them. Now, I  acknowledge them and let them go.



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