The simple life

The simple life is one that is drama free. One in which you tune in with the world and accept it as it is, in the sense that you don’t spend your time complaining about things and not changing them, on the contrary, when something doesn’t work, try something new. Accepting that life it is not to be endured but tweaked to make it work for you.

To enjoy a simple life you have to break it down to what is really important to you. Avoiding fights and taking situations you cannot change lightly and move forward. Attitude is everything. I’ve found that when I focus on what is good and finding ways to make a situation better instead of crying about it, in this way, life seems to unfold to my advantage.

A simple life is one where you cease to engage in situations that are complicated and impossible. To lighten the circumstances by looking ahead and living with the cards you are dealt, accepting them and trying a new hand at it.

A simple life is making moments count, enjoying the here and now and focusing on the future just enough to move ahead and not backwards. What happened yesterday doesn’t have to determine tomorrow.


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