Without the sobremesa, I would have never made a lifelong friendship.

Sobremesa is the prolonged time after lunch where you sit having a coffee at the table. It’s at that time when, after a hearty meal, you settle down and go deeper into conversation. Sometimes secrets come out to light, others a deeper connection is made with someone whom you don’t know so well. These conversations usually wouldn’t take place after a meal if we didn’t stay for the sobremesa and a coffee weren’t present. And this my friends is called a #MomentoNescafé.

For myself, one sobremesa was the beginning of an amazing and deep relationship I cherish. Had we not gathered after work for lunch with all the new colleagues, we might have drifted away and simply left it at that, coworkers sharing a space. This was two decades ago and although we don’t work together anymore, our friendship is very strong and close. We still have our sobremesas and sometimes they may last for hours.

This is how our sobremesa turned us into besties. I had gotten sick with pneumonia and a new teacher was hired to substitute me. I spoke to her over the phone to tell her what she had to do in my absence. It took me a good two weeks to get back on my feet and go to work. I met her and kindly thanked her for having substituted me in class and for doing such a great job. She didn’t leave the school, fortunately, and was assigned her own classes. We spoke little, only about classes. It wasn’t until three months after I had returned to work that our school organized a luncheon.

We sat together and exchanged kindnesses and small talk. After the meal, we had dessert and ordered coffee. It was then that we started to open up about our lives. She told me how she got to the United States, where she lived before and many more personal details that helped us connect and build a bridge of friendship. We had many things in common. Our sobremesa lasted over two hours and since then, 17 years later, and many sobremesas later we are still close friends.

IMG_1679 (2)

La sobremesa con Nescafé Clásico

I challenge you to give the sobremesa a try with Nescafé Clásico! There is something I cannot put into words that what happens after a meal that makes people open up and share wonderful moments.

@NescaféLatino is prompting us to get closer, share meaningful conversations with the sobremesa movement! Try it!

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