Honesty; the key to meaningful relationships.

Of all the admirable qualities, honesty tops my list. Why lie when you can be straight forward and let others digest it however they see fit? Some lie to avoid hurting other’s feelings, which in the long run does exactly the opposite. Being honest is not only a courageous act but a true gauge of who you are.

Don’t twist the truth to get your needs met, be honest and true to who you are. People will not only respect you for that but will hold you in high esteem. It is not an easy task when we are dealing with feelings. Yet, you must allow others the freedom to choose how to feel. It’s their own right. If they don’t like the truth and move away from you, so be it. You can’t have sincere, deep relationships if you spend your time hiding your true self.

Honesty clears the air and makes room for meaningful relationships. When all is set out on the table, you know what cards you are dealt, and thus, you have a chance to choose how to proceed.

Once a lie is found out, trust is broken and almost impossible to mend.

Be honest and enjoy the freedom to be and say what your heart aches so badly to let out. In other words, be genuine and faithful to yourself and others.


3 thoughts on “Honesty; the key to meaningful relationships.

  1. swtspontaneous

    Total agreement!!!!!!!!! We’ve got to put down our shields to create a meaningful relationship. Lies cover up the real person. No friendship or romantic relationship is authentic when there is deception.

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