You can’t prepare for the future.

When I was a little girl, yes I once was, I had this habit of trying to foresee and get ready for future disasters. I thought that I could prepare myself for the worst by thinking ahead. This became a habit well into adulthood. And as I’ve found out, this is not a way to live and it does not prepare you emotionally at all for anything. It can actually result in even more magnified the grief.

Upon trying to prepare for the worst, I always imagined the worst-case scenario. This only robbed me from enjoying the present. The truth is that I was actually trying to control the results, ruining it for me in so many ways.

When disasters did happen, the pain and grief were not lessened; I even might have provoked many disasters with my pessimistic outlook, instead of allowing life to unfold, I made them true.

You can never prepare for the worst. So, we should just wait and when life slaps us hard; feel the pain and the grief. It’s part of life and in time it comes to all of us. Why suffer twice and sacrifice the present?

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