How we could never be friends.

We were like water and oil. I was the water, right at the bottom and he was the oil. We had little in common but the one thing that was not the best to have: Two addictive personalities trying to escape pain. Not the best ingredients for a marriage.Love, they say, is accepting another as he is, with all their flaws as well as the positives, but when values clash, there is nothing to hold the partnership. Now, from where I stand, at a far distance, I can see how flawed and wrong it was to overextend my stay.

While I am extremely compassionate, he wasn’t compassionate except with pets. Where I was forgiving to an extreme, he wasn’t. While I thrive with company and friends, he didn’t. While I liked to talk, he always stopped me cold with a “So what?”

I may walk too many miles in people’s shoes and he didn’t ever take a step in my shoes or anybody’s. I am sure he still doesn’t see how we could never be friends.



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