Memories and time…

We collect things believing we can keep them forever, but they break, get lost or become hidden in some corner to be rediscovered someday, and ultimately cast  away.  Things hold memories, and some are damn painful. Yet, we can’t seem to let go of them just yet. When the time is right, we will find it in our hearts to let them go or reconcile ourselves with them.

For the last few years, I’ve been collecting memories, which I’ve been  putting away in albums without looking back. Today, I went to them and saw the pictures under a very different light, and not that of loss.  I was able to see the beauty of those pictures without the feelings they once evoked. I looked at them in awe,  feeling very grateful that I was able to go to those beautiful places and experience them. I have since detached myself from what meaning they held, and today they are just pictures of beautiful landscapes.

I’ve reconciled myself with those memories, because as much as time can be our enemy, so can it be our friend.

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