8 Gift ideas for travelers.

For those who love to travel or just have to, there is always something you can get them to make their travel easier. These are the best travel gifts I’ve come across which will be highly appreciated.

The cord taco.

A set of three to conveniently keep your cords separate, untangled and safe in cute leather “tacos.”

Healthy heat ceramic travel iron.

For those of us who cannot do without our flat iron, this one is the best small appliance to travel with. Dual voltage.

Lipault 4 wheeled-Inch-Carry-on

The lightest carryon I have come across that will also protect your belongings when slammed around by baggage handlers and in the carousel at the airport. Lighter means you can add more stuff without the weight.

Travelbyday Notebook by Il Bissonte

For those who like to take notes on their travels, this soft leather notebook cover by IL Bissonte, which has it’s own refills, is a pleasure to carry. It also ages well and becomes even more beautiful the more worn it becomes.

Knomad Mini Portable Organizer.

For those who love to be organized, this is a great organizer to keep everything neatly in one place.

Wacaco Minispreso On The Go.

If you cannot live without good coffee, even on a plane, this is it! Your very own espresso on the go!

Travel Slippers by Accorn.

For those long flights, and those trips to the restrooms, you can keep your feet protected from the elements! No more wet socks!

Micro Filter Bottle Set.

For the city or backpacking trips, this water bottle filter set is convenient because it packs away without taking up space and helps you stave off the runs from drinking “unsafe” water.

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Any other gadget you’d appreciate getting? Add here!

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