The freedom of aging.

There are a lot of negative things attached to aging but we forget to count in those that are positive and probably more important.

The freedom of aging:

  •       You actually don’t care so much about what people think. I used to be unable to leave the house unless I was all made up and looking picture perfect. Now, I am less aware of other people when I go out and what they might think of me.
  •       Speaking my mind. Now I say what I think and I don’t need other people to agree with me or try to make them agree with me. I accept other people’s opinion and hope they accept mine.
  •       I dress for myself and not for others. If something is appealing to me, I will buy it whether other people find what I have chosen not to their liking. What I wear is an expression of myself and doesn’t mold to other people’s opinions.
  •       I might make mistakes doing things my way and I am not afraid to say: “Ups! You were right!” I am free and able to accept I am not perfect.
  •       I don’t seek perfection. I seek satisfaction.
  •       My job doesn’t define me.
  •       I don’t need to impress people.
  •       I don’t need material things to show to the world “a status.”
  •       I’m not concerned with any gossip about me. If people choose to like or dislike me, that is not my problem.
  •       Looks are not as important as how I am as a person.
  •       Happiness lies in accepting myself.
  •       I don’t have to prove I’m right. I’ve stopped battling others because it’s a waste of time and energy.
  •       Knowing I have yet a lot to learn.
  •       I’ve become much more forgiving.
  •       Laughter, good humor and a smile wear more beautifully than looks.


And the list goes on. Aging might not be something people look forward to, but it’s good to know there are advantages and some freedom to be had when we inevitably get into “that aging group.”



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