Thoughts to avoid like a plague after a breakup!

I’m sure that more than once you’ve gone through a breakup, and certain thoughts, even if you agreed with the split, can hurt and make you miserable. If you are a normal human being, you will experience the pain of loss, this is unavoidable, but you can try to avoid, just like an alcoholic, certain thoughts that can prolong or worsen how you feel:

  1. I will always be alone.
  2. Nobody will ever love me.
  3. I am unlovable.
  4. I always end up this way.
  5. I want to die just not to feel this way.
  6. I am worthless.
  7. I’m not good at relationships.
  8. All relationships suck.
  9. Never again.
  10. Why me?
  11. Why now?
  12. Nobody cares.
  13. Everyone finds someone and I always end up alone.
  14. I will never be able to do this again.
  15. I’m really unlucky in love.
  16. I’m going to die alone.
  17. Add your own…

Once you identify the words that hurt you the most and help you the least, you can try to focus on something else and avoid them, mainly because all these words lower your self-esteem and make the recovery of the loss harder. Of course, you can’t avoid certain thoughts but you can lessen the recurrence.

Get well soon!

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