Our Best Intentions.

We get into relationships with our best intentions and often no matter how good those intentions are, in time it doesn’t work out. We grow, we change and need something different and we must accept that. It may be sad but if done right, both parties win and get a second chance.

At least we tried, had a life together and was good while it lasted. But it is, at least for myself, of utmost importance to end things well. Why make all those years spent together look sour because of a bad ending? Why not try to part amicably knowing that we both did our best but had to eventually part ways? Those years won’t seem wasted, just another chapter to look back upon and smile.

I’m happy to report that mine is finally ending well. We will always care for each other, at least I will care for him. I wish him well because life is short and must be lived as happily as possible.

The title Our Best Intentions is inspired by the movie by Ingmar Bergman entitled The Best Intentions. The story about his parents and how they started out with their best intentions but eventually had to part ways. Sad story but yet another example that not all relationships are forever.

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