Afraid to laugh? Don´t be!

If you follow my blog you may know that I´ve been faced with a few challenges lately. So much so that some days tears have come to me more easily than laughter. Although that may sound like a sad state of affairs, I was actually relieved that I wasn´t finding much to laugh about. The reason being that, like many women my age, I have experienced stress urinary incontinence. And no, this doesn´t mean that you pee your pants when you´re stressed! It means that little everyday joys, like running, laughing and even when coughing or sneezing, you leak a little. That´s why I was in no hurry for anyone to crack a joke around me and find that I was actually in the mood for laughing out loud!

Laugh with Poise Impressa Shutterstock Photo.

Laugh with Poise Impressa Shutterstock Photo.

Thankfully my friends and family are all helping me pull through. And little by little, I’m finding joy again. So earlier this week my sister and I were having a conversation over the phone and she said something outrageous. To my surprise, we cracked up together. I can´t even remember what it was about, that´s how fuzzy my mind´s been lately. But now, something different happened this time when I laughed my head off. No leaks! Nothing. Nada.
Up until now there were two solutions for little bladder leaks. Pads/liners or invasive surgery. Yikes to option two! Now there is a third and way more efficient solution which I am very happy to share with you.

Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports discreetly prevent leaks for up to 8 hours. It easily inserts into the vagina to support the urethra. No fear, since it allows you to use the bathroom normally while preventing leaks before they happen.

So, now I’m ready to let in more laughter into my life, armed with my sizing kit that I encourage you to order as well if you have a similar issue.

I’m excited to share with you the offer of a coupon for a Poise* Impressa* Sizing kit or a 10-count Single Size pack.

New Poise Impresa.

New Poise Impressa.

Wondering how the sizing works? So there are three sizes in the package. Start out with size 1. If you’re comfy and have no leaks, that’s your size! If you still have leaks after testing it for a few hours, then you need to move to size 2. If you’re not quite there and still leaking, then you need to use size 3. So next time you go purchase your Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports, you can just get a 10-count Single Size pack.

Now please know that if you have any other kind of urinary incontinence, this product is not for you. For example, if you have a sudden need or rush to urinate, which is urge urinary incontinence, or if you have both kinds of urine leaks, also called mixed incontinence. Check with your doctor for options for these cases. Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports are strictly for stress urinary incontinence, which are small leaks that happen when you dance, cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise!

Well, back I go to my regular life and hopefully some more belly laughs in my near future!

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