When pictures become your memory.

I love to take pictures of special moments which are actually feelings. Now, as I look back on them, instead of needing a calendar to check what I did on a certain date I can not only remember but see and feel that day.

On looking back at the pictures of the 12 months, I can see how strange and off the months before the breakup were and can feel how those moments lead exactly to this; my moving, my life change.

While I am not one to dwell too long on the past, pictures of the last 12 months really capture the stillness and loneliness I didn’t put into words. While my professional life was heading in the right direction, I didn’t notice that my life at home was in shambles. I loved my new house, but my roommate, as he called us, made me feel unwelcome and a disturbance in his quiet retreat where he worked and lead a peaceful life without me.

I am glad life tells us what to do in due time if we wait long enough. It makes decisions for us even when we might be unaware that a change is due.

My puppy, my love. September 28th.

My puppy, my love. August 28th.

I have a picture I took before and after the choice was made for me. The choice of moving out; The sky and my puppy: Nature and love. All captured in pictures under the date: 28th of August.

To new beginnings and more pictures to add to the calendar of life!

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