Maybe there is no tomorrow.

Not to spoil the ending but maybe there is no tomorrow. This for some could be a plain relief, but for the common folk, this is scary. We make plans, worry, and we forget that there is no guarantee that we will wake up to a new day.

Maybe, there is no tomorrow because anything can go wrong. But we should not live in fear. We may savor the moment or not. It’s our choice. There is no way we will get out of this alive, but we can choose to make the best of what we have and enjoy those glorious moments when we forget our troubles.

There are ways I find that help me forget my troubles, this is my list, you may have yours. If you like one, take it. It’s yours to keep.

  • Write cards or letters from the heart. Some may be letters of gratitude. This helps me forget myself and feel better. Reaching out using the old snail mail helps me sit, think and hopefully make someone happy.
  • Finding my temple to meditate; talk to myself or whoever I think may be listening to my thoughts. I have just found mine at USF. It’s quiet, always open and the silence is comforting; a sacred moment away from everything to find my peace.
  • I’ve never liked gyms and have only taken advantage of them at hotels in conferences, just to find some alone time. Now I have signed up to a magnificent gym and I play music while I workout. It’s my music and me. I focus on every exercise and the music takes me away from my not so happy reality sometimes.
  • Spending time with friends. Plain and simple. Being around people makes me happy. I’m blessed with my friends who are all positive energy and care.
  • Browsing in bookstores even if I don’t purchase anything (which is not likely). Bookstores are like temples to me. The quiet, the words that seem to beckon me from every nook and corner.
  • Hugging a pet. The love that a pet arouses knows no boundaries.
    Taking naps. Nowadays, I’m taking naps whenever I can, but I must first play classical music to reach that state of forgetting the world and feel at peace.
  • Watching a touching movie. Not exactly dramas, but movies that move me and help me get into the character and empathize with him.
  • I know this one is now called dangerous, but walking around San Francisco with my earphones and listening to my music, enhances the experience of such a curious and picturesque city.
  • Writing my thoughts down anywhere, anytime. I become inspired easily just by watching people or overhearing hearing their stories. I always carry around a fountain pen and small notebook. Life is not only about me. It’s about how we all fit in the picture, even a weird one and writing about it.
  • Feeling like I am living on borrowed time. I always believed I’d be dead by 50. It turns out I’m alive and well. So, I truly engage in life now, more than ever.

….and many more. But, I’m sure you can add a few more to the list. It’s such a personal matter to forget your troubles and customize what works for you.

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