When the lights in your soul go out.

I am not so worried about what may happen or what else may go wrong in my life now. I am more worried about the lights of my soul going out when the going gets tough and the gears no longer kick in to push me forward. It may happen to any of us. We just need to make sure we know our own warning signs.

Our souls are lit by the burning fire within that ignites our drive to enjoy life and find meaning and purpose. If those lights fade, so does our willingness to live. It happens, and some either fall into deep depression, isolate themselves, take drugs to survive the pain or take their own lives. When the lights of our souls go out, sadness permeates our existence.

Warning signs may be subtle, but slowly they can take over and take us to the deep end. If we know ourselves well enough, we may predict that danger is near, and it’s time to make a make a call and ask for help. No matter what, we don’t have to go too far down before we reignite the flame again.

2 thoughts on “When the lights in your soul go out.

  1. Ann

    WHEN THE LIGHTS IN YOUR SOUL GO OUT. I love that title and have been struggling with the light in my soul going out. I need to reignite it as I have much to learn & contribute. Thanks

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