Reconnecting with the past.

Recconecting with the past. Shutterstock photo

                                    Reconnecting with the past. Shutterstock photo

The last time I saw him was 25 years ago when I was embarking on what would be my almost final destination. -I didn’t know at the time that my trip would turn into my new home in San Francisco.- Over dinner 25 years ago, we talked about our time together. Those first 4 years of new young “puppy” love we experienced. Now, again we met, and I understand what kept us together for four years, our never-ending conversation and connection.

Why seek to meet those we once loved? In my case I feel it’s because I deeply care for some of them. Now, on the verge of turning fifty, with few regrets, I can now face my past with joy for having been so lucky to share a bit of my life, pieces of myself with beautiful people.

Meeting up with your past shows you how far you’ve come by sharing the different interesting paths each of you took. We all have our share of ups and downs and these make our lives unique and worth telling. In my case I find it enriching.

I left our meeting feeling complete. That chapter in my life is part of my book and I will, and do treasure it. I’m finally reconciled with my “then,” my “now,” myself and every one who’s been part of my story.

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