Missing someone even before they are gone.

Hugging and missing someone.

Missing someone even before they are gone. Shutterstock photo.

It is part of the human condition to constantly anticipate the future, even the near future, making it sometimes sadder tan we’d like.

This happened today after spending time with one of my little fabulous nieces. While waiting for my bus back home, she hugged me and told me she missed me. “But I’m still here!” To which she retorted, “Yes, but you will be gone in a few minutes.” Of course, this is very heartwarming for me, but sad for her. It’s hard to see people leave at any age, but more so when you are a child since little depends on them. They never know when the next time they see you will be.

As grown ups, we still fall prey to missing someone before people are actually gone. We anticipate the loss, and how much we are going to miss them, making the experience worse. And yes, it’s easier for those who leave than for those who stay behind.

But all this missing is a good sign. A sign of love and care no matter how painful it is, it also has its upside. I hope my little niece understands this someday, better than I ever did.

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