A brighter future w/ Coca-Cola #ForTheDreamSweeps + Giveaway #Ad

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


#TheDreamSweeps  Helping Latinos go to college!

I don’t have children but I have nephews and nieces whom I love as much as if they were my own kids. This comes with the usual suspect: anxiety about their future lives. As any parent, I want the best for them and education is the foundation for a better future. I constantly remind them that their future and dreams are in their little hands and that they do have some control over it.

Life is not easy and if you lack a good educational background the job market narrows down to very few great options. The better your education, the more opportunities for a better future and happier life. If you get to go to college, you are more likely to land a job you enjoy and that pays well. As Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Coca-Cola #ForTheDream

Coca-Cola #ForTheDream

Yet, we run into financial roadblocks when it comes to getting into college. It is an investment, and paying for it and finding help is not easy. Fortunately there is some help to be had. Coca-Cola is helping teens and families attain their dreams of going to College. Coca-cola is donating $100,000 to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Coca-Cola and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund have teamed up to help Hispanics attain their goals by raising extra money for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Coca-Cola is donating $1 for every social media post with the hashtag #ForTheDream, up to $10,000!

If you want to enter the For The Dream #ForTheDreamSweeps, Coca-Cola is awarding one College Tour Experience and 34 x $500 grants to cover education based expenses.

You can enter the sweepstakes in two ways:
1. Enter a product code on its microsite: http://coke.com/forthedream.

2. Post a selfie on Twitter or Instagram with someone who is helping you meet your college dreams, and hashtag it #ForTheDreamSweeps. The #ForTheDream program and #ForTheDreamSweeps starts July 1, and ends Aug. 31. For more information visit http://coke.com/forthedream.

You can also enter my fun giveaway! Products you can use this summer! Not for education but for kicks!

Giveaway Details
Giveaway comprises fun Coca-Cola-themed Summer Prize pack featuring: a logo cooler bag, sunglasses, Mason Jar tumbler and a visor. Use Rafflecopter widget to enter. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to get back with shipping information. The giveaway ends Friday, August 8th.


Don’t forget to enter our giveaway and the #ForTheDream Sweepstakes on social media.
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6 thoughts on “A brighter future w/ Coca-Cola #ForTheDreamSweeps + Giveaway #Ad

  1. Kim Avery

    Education is important to because it broadens your horizons and can help you secure a decent earning job. Im learning this late in life.

  2. Tasha WIlkerson

    Having a good education will improve my chances of having a good paying career. Without a career I wouldn’t be able to afford to have a place to live because I would have a hard time paying my bills. I will also have more opportunities in advancement. With a higher education I can work where I want and start higher up. My life would be more fulfilling and rewarding because I would have a career and the pay would be rewarding.

  3. Mary Williams

    Education is important to me for two reasons. The first is because I want my son to have a good education and to reach his full potential. The second is reason is because I work in an elementary school and it means a lot to me to see my students succeed!

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