Pinterest: an outlet for emotions.

Photo courtesy of Stelios Nikolaou @Flickr

                       Pinterest: an outlet for emotions. Photo courtesy of Stelios Nikolaou @Flickr

Some believe that Pinterest is just another way to sell and get to customers, and while I agree because I also use it to pin the articles I write for different websites, there is more to it than that for myself.

At the end of the day, whether I’ve had a good or bad day, it helps me relax. I find images soothing and distracting, because sometimes we need to be distracted to either become inspired, forget the awfulness of the day or help get feelings out. The later for me is positive. When I’m down, I search for pictures that match my feelings, if it is sadness I find solace in images depicting sorrow and find the beauty in feeling this way. As we know we live in a world of opposites: there is no happiness without sorrow and we should embrace both to tell one from the other.

We don’t always need to share how we feel with others, we just need an escape and a way to channel how we feel, and Pinterest often does just that for me.

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