The letters I never sent…

Letters left unsent.... by Abby Lanes CC Flickr

Letters left unsent…. by Abby Lanes CC Flickr

It happened once, it happened twice, and the last time was just recently. I shall make sure it doesn’t happen again. I will not let letters or e-mails sit unsent until I am not too busy to finish and send them. Three times the letter and emails were late and the people who they were meant for passed. There were words left unsaid, responses in the wait which I was too busy, or so I thought, to sit and take the time to send.

I missed the chance to tell my grandmother I loved her, I missed the chance to finish the letter meant for my grandfather telling him how proud he’d be of how much I had improved as a person. I missed a chance to thank my ex student and friend who recently died of cancer, for his concern about my smoking. I always meant to write back. We liked to keep in touch through random e-mails updating each other. Now it’s too damn late.

Take the time, don’t wait, or you’ll always regret that letter, sitting in limbo in the draft box, or on some “everything” drawer, lost to never get to the recipient.

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