Nothing happens for a reason.

Heather Katsoulis

      Nothing happens for a reason. Life is just a path full of experiences. By Heather Katsoulis (Flikr)

I used to have this naïve idea that everything happened for a reason. Yet, after much thought, many bumps on the road, the harsh, or maybe not so much, reality is that things just happen, good and bad, and there is no hidden reason.

It is left up to us to find a meaning to whatever it is that is thrown our way. We might find solace in believing there is some magical reason the universe has decided to throw us a bone or curveball, and if this works to ease your spirit, so be it. But I can hardly sit anymore watching so much injustice on the news to believe there is some hidden reason people should go through so much pain.

I still hold on to hope that there are lessons to learn from what transpires in our lives, but that’s about it. We may be doomed not to learn certain lessons and repeat the same mistakes, but every experience does hold a lesson and a chance to grow.

Nothing happens for a reason and it’s OK.

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