November rain.

CC cortesy of ADiamondFellFromTheSky (Flickr)

November rains….CC cortesy of ADiamondFellFromTheSky (Flickr)

Like tears of sorrow November rains come and subtly leave you drenched inside and out. There is a certain beauty to rain, but often melancholy also sets in. 

Once I was so overwhelmed with melancholy that I set out into the November rain. I don’t know how long I stayed there, but I felt as if the weather was commiserating with me. When I’d had my good cry, and the rain had poured over me so much there was no more room for my clothes to soak any more rain, I went inside, filled a bath with warm water and shivering, dipped in. I stayed there for a while, feeling the fog lift, my heart started pumping again and I felt soothed… November rain seemed to calm my restless spirit and was somewhat renewed.

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