Daydreaming: Engaging your creative side.


CC by Pareé @Flickr

Daydreaming: Engaging your creative mind. CC by Pareé @Flickr

Before doing something, you have to dream it. That’s what I’ve heard and I agree. It’s not until you allow yourself to think about a possibility that you can do something and actually feel comfortable about making it happen. But daydreaming is also dangerous when you spend most of your time there in wonderland and it’s not followed by any action. Nevertheless, dream on because it has it’s positive effects.

Daydreams are usually about things you want or wish you could accomplish. An innocent daydream, let’s say, about your dream vacation, is soothing to the mind. Daydreaming is also a refuge from the storms we weather, a safe place to hide when our present is not to our liking.

Some of us daydream more than others, engaging our creative mind. When you daydream, you enhance your creativity and become inspired, deciding to either write about it, engage in the dream and try to make it become a reality or simply express it through any artistic medium such us drawing or painting.

Daydreaming may be an escapist strategy to cope with your reality but it also serves to enhance your life, mood and your creativity.

Dream on….




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