Dawn; the best time to wake up.

My dad used to wake me up early, cheerfully pulling up the blinds and saying; “Come on! Wake up and seize the day!” Since then, I am an early riser. I wake up instinctively and with a heart full of expectation and hope. The quiet and peace dawn brings with it is enchanting and emotionally cleansing.

Waking up to an alarm is something I find disrupting and shattering. How can a day start well with such an abrupt and staggering awakening? I can’t for the life of me allow this. I need quiet awakenings when my body decides it’s time to get up and seize the day.

There are many advantages to getting up early, believe me. At least I’ve found that it’s best for me.

  • I can start the day, pausing and thinking how to tackle the day without rushing into it. I can go through my to do list and have time to adjust all I want to do if need be.
  • My best ideas come in the morning when I’m more clear-headed and refreshed. This is when I’m still relaxed and experience less anxiety.
  • Solitude. Morning solitude is important to me. A space to think and be objective about whatever is going on in my life. At this time I’m able, usually, to make the best decisions that come from my gut and heart.
  • I’m in no rush. Whatever I have to do, be it a class early in the morning, I still have time to myself.
  • I always have time to exercise; no matter at what time my workday begins, which may be at 8 am, with four hours to spare I can always fit it in exercise and start the day energized.

So, yes, I’m what you’d call a morning person. How about you?

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